Generate New Revenue and Expand Wellness Offerings with Evidence- Based LifeSpan Health Program

With an estimated 73 million Baby Boomers and 65 million GenX-ers in the United States today, a large, captive audience exists for lifestyle programming that specifically addresses common issues associated with aging. While the average life expectancy in America is 79 years, the typical health span – which represents good quality of life and functionality – is only 63 years.

This provides a significant opportunity for programs that can help older adults prevent or better manage conditions such as loss of strength, weak bones, decreased balance, reduced endurance and declines in cognitive function. Many of these can contribute to osteoporosis and falls and fractures.

A 10% loss of bone mass doubles the risk of a vertebral fracture and increases the risk of hip fracture by 2.5 times. Plus, half of all women and one in five men experience an osteoporotic fracture at some point in their lives. Women over 50 actually have a greater risk of morbidity from an osteoporotic break than breast cancer.

Health clubs now can capitalize on the evidence-based LifeSpanTM Health program that is scientifically designed to help older adults regain strength and endurance, improve balance and bone density, reduce risk of falls and enhance mental acuity and memory. In just 300-500 square feet, this proven program serves existing members, attracts new participants and drives greater revenue.

Innovative Approach to Improve Health Span

The turnkey LifeSpanTM Health enables health clubs to easily implement unique programming that combats common maladies associated with aging to help older adults retain function and live better. It also can be used with individuals that have Parkinson’s Disease, peripheral neuropathies and other neurological programs.

This lifestyle regimen incorporates multiple modalities for compliance and best results.


The Korebalance device is a patented, FDA-recognized vestibular assessment and rehabilitation device that captures baseline balance ability, delivers progressive balance challenges via the malleable platform and documents improvements along the way. Also, users can multi-task and improve cognition by playing a series of video games and optional immersive NeuroTracker®

on the machine, using their balance and center of gravity sway as a “joy-stick.”

Korebalance® balance assessment and training

Power Plate®

This FDA-registered device provides controlled instability via whole-body vibration, which elicits subconscious proprioceptive responses to boost circulation, improve strength, relieve pain, enhance flexibility and balance and mitigate pain.


The bioDensity osteogenic loading device safely compresses bones to stimulate bone growth and increase bone density. It has been shown to raise bone density twice as effectively as drug treatments in one-third of the time.

“I feel much stronger in my joints and all parts of my body. You will get results if you keep at it.” – Barbara M.

Benefits to Fitness Facilities

The unique LifeSpan Health program not only benefits participants, but also offers significant advantages to health clubs and fitness facilities:

New and growing demographic – Attracts older adults who have high disposable income, remain loyal and are a valuable

  • source of referrals
    Space-efficient – Compact, standalone studio requires only

  • 300-500 square feet

    Proven program – Research-based proprietary routines,

    patented and FDA-recognized modalities; overseen by

  • Medical Advisory Board

    Measurable results – Objective baseline assessments and data tracking show progress and demonstrate outcome

  • Increased cash flow – Facilities determine fees and clients pay for 6-month program; clubs can accommodate 2-3 clients

  • per hour of operation

    Local differentiator – Unique programming and state-of-

    the-art equipment with non-pharmacological approach

  • distinguishes facilities

    Free training – Free training protocols, complimentary

    certificate and continuing education programs for fitness

  • professionals to implement program

    Marketing support – LifeSpan offers messaging to leverage

    with healthcare groups, PT clinics and insurance companies

  • to promote referrals

    Experienced partner – With decades of experience, LifeSpan partners with customers to provide ROI analysis, equipment planning, financing and software support

    ”I highly recommend LifeSpan. I am stronger, have better posture, more energy and fewer age-related aches and pains. The program works.” – Linda H.

    Low Risk, High Reward

    Learn more about how your facility can take advantage of the LifeSpan Health program by partnering with us. Contact us for special financing and no payments for 90 days.

    For more information, visit, or contact us at 800-831-7665, 760-451-9162 or



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